The Glenmore's History

Big Moose Lake was the setting of An American Tragedy, a novel by Theodore Dreiser.  It is based on the true story of Chester Gillette, who was convicted and executed for the drowning of Grace Brown in the South Bay of Big Moose Lake in 1906. (The name Dreiser gave the lake where the murder took place was Big Bittern Lake, although he did visit Big Moose Lake and used it as a model for his fictional version.) The Academy Award winning film, A Place in the Sun, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters and Montgomery Clift, is based on the book. The murder of Grace Brown continues to gain notoriety as claims of ghost sightings around the lake occur. In 1996, the television series Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode reenacting the tragedy, focusing on two such sighting incidents. On July 11, 2006 a wreath-laying ceremony took place on South Bay in observance of the centennial of Brown's death. A small flotilla of watercraft participated.


The Glenmore Hotel, a grand four-story edifice of classic Adirondack Architecture, featured a dining room spacious enough to fit 200 guests, with an elaborate tea room, a game room, soda fountain and ice cream parlor… of course, modern radio receiving equipment was available to guests during regular business hours.The original Glenmore Hotel, which was located directly across the street, burned down in 1950 due to a suspicious strike of bankruptcy lightning that cost the livelihood of many insurance agents.

The building that is presently the Glenmore Hotel Bar and Grill, was originally known as the Big Moose Supply Company, and in its day, was the biggest general store in the nation.  In 1970 Carlton & Marilyn Muller, from Whitesboro, New York, purchased the Glenmore, and along with their three sons Carlton Jr., Stephen and Robert, created an establishment that once again could be worthy of historical acclaim.

In 1989, after twenty years of successful hard work, the Mullers put the Glenmore up for lease and called it a career. Moving to Old Town, Florida and opening a K.O.A. Kampground on the Suwwannee River.  Nine years later, The Glenmore Hotel returned to the Muller family, and Carlton & Marilyn’s youngest son Robert returned home and reestablish the fun that his mother and father had begun.Robert opted for a more informal atmosphere, hoping to create a sense of family and home. The menu consists of fun comfort food without the fine dining attitude.No $300.00 bottles of wine or embroidered napkins. Suit and ties are not required.Occasionally even shoes and shirts are in short supply.


Each room in the hotel has its own distinct character. The hotel is a community style bath, much like a bed and breakfast and the coffee is always brewed fresh in the morning when you awake to watch the beautiful sunrise over Big Moose lake.  The Glenmore Bar & Grill is a refreshing change of pace, it’s not your ordinary, stuffy, please wait to be seated, Do you have a reservation kind of place.The prices are reasonable, the food is great, and the drinks are poured with a heavy hand. You’re sure to always be served with a smile. And after it’s all said and done, there will still be money left in your wallet.

146 Glenmore Road
Eagle Bay – Big Moose Lake,
New York 13331

(315) 357 – 4891